For Rapf, one word applies: balanced!

People sometimes derogatorily use political party titles to box in candidates to some particular political philosophy. I’d like to remind the great voters of this city that when we are deciding on our three new city councilors one word should apply — the word “balanced”. And one philosophy should be at work on Council — “solutions”.

Balanced is the word I apply to Aaron Rapf, a budget committee member running to be part of what should be a non-partisan team of LO city councilors. Councilors whose job should be to focus on the priorities which have made Lake Oswego very special and finding solutions to the challenges we face in our city.

Aaron’s budget insights, his mutual respect for all points of view and a rare capacity for bringing differing views to the table and having them leave in agreement will be essential in these challenging times.

Anger, divisiveness and dismissiveness are not part of Aaron’s DNA. A cool head, a can-do attitude and “it’s all about we” is his mantra.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf. He is much needed on Council as we go forward post COVID into a future where our businesses and all our citizens thrive.

Kim Studebaker

Lake Oswego