LaMotte for Mayor, Rapf and Verdick for City Council – A vision for Lake Oswego

Portland’s success is critical to Lake Oswego and Oregon. Portland needs to be a vibrant center for the regional economy. But right now, Portland is not the model of exceptional municipal management. The Lake Oswego mayor and city council election presents a stark choice. Do we believe Lake Oswego should become, for all intents and purposes, a borough of Portland or could we be a shining example of good governance for The Rose City?

Lake Oswego is working to embrace our more ethnically diverse future, but we are already incredibly politically diverse. In stark contrast to the national debate Lake Oswego is a place where we can disagree, but not be disagreeable. In Lake Oswego, we discuss, we debate and then we work together to build a community that can be a model for Oregon. The key is we.

The question is quite clear, are we going to elect people who want to model Portland, or are we going to elect people who have a vision to make us the model for Portland? John LaMotte, Aaron Rapf and Rachel Verdick have that vision.

Allen Alley

Lake Oswego