Rapf is hard working and reliable

I hope voters will take the time to learn more about my friend, Aaron Rapf, who is running for a seat on Lake Oswego City Council. As someone who has been fortunate to call Aaron a friend for over a decade, I can tell you that he would be an excellent City Councilor.

Aaron is as hard working and reliable as they come. He is always ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and help out. Aaron is a great listener and even better problem solver as displayed in his work on the City Budget Committee. Clearly, those that work with him recognize all of these qualities in Aaron. His candidacy is supported by Mayor Studebaker, most of the Lake Oswego City Council, the chair of the Budget Committee on which he serves, and more. Those of us who know Aaron can tell you what an asset he will be to Lake Oswego City Council.

Join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Jeff Brodie

Lake Oswego