Rapf understands value of youth sports

Aaron Rapf has my full support for Lake Oswego City Council. Aaron understands the value of sports for our children’s mental, social and physical development and will be an enthusiastic advocate for youth sports on city council.

As a member of the budget committee, Aaron argued for funds to support our parks and fields. He believes our parks and fields should all be turfed to create a premium experience for our kids that maximizes space for all youth sports. Aaron also supports a community pool to keep our youth healthy and active. Finally, he has also supported looking at how to upgrade the Municipal Golf course as an important amenity to our community and youth that sets Lake Oswego apart from other cities. His plans include a fitness center and activity location for our older community members.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council!

Matt Massari

Lakeridge youth football vice president

Lake Oswego