Rapf will actively listen as a councilor

Aaron Rapf’s thoughtful and inclusive approach is to not simply have conversations with our community members, businesses and city leaders, but to actively listen so he can truly understand the issues. This enables him to offer viable solutions to help bring our city together and thrive. These are just some of the reasons that will make Aaron an excellent Councilor of our awesome City of Lake Oswego.

Aaron listens and learns from everyone across all divides so that he can understand and make informed decisions. As a candidate for City Council he met with both the head of Respond To Racism and the Police Chief to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that our city is facing. He has learned so much from both, and that knowledge will make Aaron a great leader for the future of our city as we make the necessary changes to bridge the many gaps that are now causing such divide.

Aaron supports a permanent DEI committee for the City, which is vital, even more so, in the time we are living. It is his inclusive approach that will make him an excellent City Councilor.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Danielle Miller

Lake Oswego