Rapf will focus on collaboration

Aaron Rapf is committed to working closely with the Lake Oswego School District as a City Councilor. Better coordination between the City Council and LO Schools benefits all of Lake Oswego.

Working together, the City and the District have the opportunity to clearly define both Community School and Parks and Rec in order to avoid duplicate programming. This coordination will provide more robust programming for all ages while keeping it more affordable at the same time.

Working together will result in district facilities being used more frequently by adults in our community. It is important for Council and LO Schools to work together so that our tax dollars are used most efficiently.

It is also very important to me that our city’s first responders continue to work closely with Lake Oswego schools to keep our childrenĀ safe. I know that Aaron Rapf, a father of two young children in Lake Oswego Schools, will work with our school district to benefit theentire city.

Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council!

Jessica Dunn

Lake Oswego