Rapf will listen first, make strategic decisions

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Councilor.

Aaron Rapf will be a focused and tenacious City Councilor. In a time when emotions run high, we need City Councilors who do not make decisions based on emotion.

Aaron Rapf is known for his keen ability to listen first and then make strategic decisions. His years of experience serving on our Lake Oswego Budget Committee have showcased his financial knowledge and talent. He has proven to be an exceptional steward of our city’s tax dollars so that the city does not need to ask its citizens for more.

Due to COVID-19 impacts on the economy, Oregon will face budget shortfalls and many cities will have difficult choices to make. We need city councilors that have a solid working understanding of city finances as there will be some tough votes over the next few years on what Lake Oswego starts, stops, and continues to fund. Aaron Rapf is the perfect candidate for these times.

Alistair Firmin

Lake Oswego