Rapf will prioritize safety, well-being

Aaron Rapf believes that the safety, security, and well-being of all in Lake Oswego should be the philosophy behind our city budgets. It is for that very reason that on City Council Aaron will prioritize first responders, parks, fields, safe recreation, and safe pathways to school.

Aaron understands that police, fire, paramedics, and first responders are an essential part of a top notch-city. During these Covid times with families home now more than ever, we must keep our neighborhoods safe.

During his time on the Lake Oswego City Budget Committee, Aaron argued for funds to support our parks. Aaron believes our fields should be turfed for a better athletic experience for our young athletes. Aaron supports a community pool for residents of all ages. Aaron has also supported looking into the creation of a fitness center for our older community members. Aaron wants to work together to create safe recreation, including more safe routes for bike riders.

Aaron knows that safe pathways to school must be prioritized by our city government. Aaron’s own children wait for a school bus on a busy road with no sidewalk.

Let’s elect Aaron Rapf to Lake Oswego City Council so that he can work to prioritize our safety, security, and well-being!

Annika Laing

Lake Oswego