Rapf would prioritize listening, civil debate

Many of the most impactful leaders of The Enlightenment encouraged civil debate. Listening and debate were prioritized. We should bring more of this to Lake Oswego. Electing Aaron Rapf to City Council will help because his approach calls to mind the approach of some of the more impactful leaders of The Enlightenment. Elections are about passion for and against candidates but we must do so in an honest, listen-first manner and use our energy in a positive way.

It is for his level head and balanced approach that I support Aaron Rapf. Aaron recognizes that our city has challenges and differing views on how to approach these challenges. Inclusive listening, civility and working together is Aaron’s approach. Character assassination in print media or on social media will not achieve collective community goals and move our city forward. Aaron understands that as we navigate through difficult waters together, we will all gain a greater understanding of each other if we talk with each other and listen with an open mind.

We are all imperfect beings, living in an imperfect world. Aaron Rapf is prepared to examine all systems and make changes to anything that creates barriers.

Aaron Rapf knows that together we can chart our course into an inclusive, tolerant future and a better future.

Brian Fogarty

Lake Oswego