LaMotte, Rapf will prioritize citizens over agendas

Fellow Citizens,

I urge you to get involved in decisions being made here in Lake Oswego during this election. Educate yourselves on issues facing OUR community, as they are what directly affect our lives.

One of these issues is the “Bridge Project” from Oak Grove to Lake Oswego. The addition of this roadway is an expensive proposition (up to $80mil). There are other ways to address the access challenges we face. Improvements to Hwy 43 should be considered, along with better access to Tri-Met into LO. Additionally, are safety and traffic improvements at Stafford and Child/Johnson roads. The accidents that occur along this roadway are plentiful and tragic. How, in good conscience, can we throw significant money at a new bridge when we have current opportunity areas that can be addressed?

I genuinely question what this project would add to our community?

In closing I again urge you to support LaMotte for LO Mayor and Rapf for LO Council. Both of these candidates are highly qualified, experienced in finance and planning backgrounds, and NON PARTISAN!!! LaMotte and Rapf are THE candidates who are running to serve the citizens, not their own political agendas. Isn’t that refreshing?


Katie Chrisman

Lake Oswego