LO needs Rapf on council

I would like to express my support for Aaron Rapf for city council. I have known Aaron since our kids were enrolled in Kindergarten together at Westridge Elementary five years ago. As a volunteer at Westridge, I noticed how Aaron’s daughter was reading at an extremely advanced level. To no surprise I later found out that Aaron and his wife Brooke were hands-on parents, totally focused on their kids and their surrounding community of friends. I later got to know Aaron and Brooke through their extended family (Brooke’s sister and her family also live in Lake Oswego) as well as through mutual friends and fun times on the lake.

I really like Aaron’s laser sharp focus, his congenial personality and his passion for making our community better for our kids, our parents and ourselves. Aaron is the kind of person who works well with others and will give selflessly for our city. I have seen firsthand how he is this way with his family and his friends and have no doubt that he will have the same passion and drive on behalf of Lake Oswego. We need Aaron Rapf on the city council, it will benefit us all.

Quinn Neiland

Lake Oswego