LO is fortunate to have Rapf as candidate

We are fortunate to have a candidate like Aaron Rapf for City Council and I encourage everyone to vote for him.

Aaron is not a political guy. In fact, he really doesn’t like politics at all. However, the many people who have watched Aaron shine while volunteering on the Lake Oswego Budget Committee know that this nonpolitical Westridge Elementary School dad needs to be on City Council. You can go to https://www.aaronrapf4lo.com and see that Aaron has the endorsements of fellow City Budget Committee Members (including the Committee Chair) and most of City Council. Why? Because they see what an asset Aaron is to our city.

Aaron invites everyone to the table and respectfully listens to all points of view. He makes decisions with knowledge, understanding, and a strategy for the long term health of our city, balanced with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Dan Burnham

Lake Oswego