Rapf fits the bill

Aaron Rapf’s professional experience managing multi-million-dollar budgets along with his experience serving on the Lake Oswego Budget Committee make him an ideal candidate for Lake Oswego City Council. Lake Oswego will be facing inconsistent funding levels due to the impacts of Covid-19.

Aaron has creative ideas of how Lake Oswego can continue to responsibly grow and flourish. Improvements to parks, recreational facilities and walkways will all add value to our community. As a parent of children in LOSD schools, it is important to me that our kids have safe, well designed areas to play and compete. With Aaron on council, I’m confident it will be done with a responsible fiscal eye.

As an employee of two local, Lake Oswego based start up businesses, I see and feel the impact Covid has had on our dear city. Aaron understands this and is empathetic to this challenge. We need a counselor who is willing and capable of problem solving during this crucial time, and Aaron fits that bill. He is the perfect candidate for these unique times. Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Katie Chrisman

Lake Oswego