Rapf is most qualified for LO City Council

There is no City Council Candidate more qualified than Aaron Rapf.

Not only does Aaron have extensive professional experience managing multi-million dollar budgets for a fortune 500 company, he also serves on Lake Oswego’s City Budget Committee which is the fiscal planning board of the City. His active participation, his willingness to share his professional knowledge, and his civil and respectful demeanor have earned him the support of the Budget Committee Chair and most of the City Council.

Lake Oswego will be facing inconsistent funding due to the impacts of Covid-19. Aaron Rapf clearly has the professional skill set and experience to navigate our city through the uncertain times ahead. More than anyone, he knows how to manage budgets and find creative ways to reallocate existing dollars so that our city can continue to fund essential services and collective priorities without asking its citizens for more.

Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Claudia Valderrama

Lake Oswego